Teh Pynaerts vs Tarkon
Master Belial’s Battlegroup XIV

Master Belial

Veteran Squad Vengeance: 6 veterans (3 storm shields, 2 power fists, 1 power weapon, 2 meltaguns, rhino)
Veteran Squad Retribution: 6 veterans (3 storm shields, 2 power fists, 1 power weapon, 2 meltaguns, razorback with twin-linked lascannon)
Venerable Dreadnought Abdaziel (plasma cannon, missile launcher)

Tactical Squad Boreas: 10 space marines (missile launcher, plasma gun, razorback with twin-linked lascannon)
Tactical Squad Zamael: 5 space marines (razorback with twin-linked lascannon)
Deathwing Squad Belial’s First: 5 terminators (thunder hammer, storm shield, 1x cyclone missile launcher, standard bearer)
Deathwing Squad Obdurate: 5 terminators (thunder hammer, storm shield, 1x cyclone missile launcher) 

Technomancer Kheldor’s Siege Masters
(codex: Space Marines)

Technomancer Kheldor: librarian (avenger, might of ancients)

Dreadnought Forrix – dreadnought (multi-melta, drop pod)

Warrior squad Alpha: tactical squad (10marines, power fist, flamer, lascannon, razorback with twin-linked lascannon)
Warrior squad Beta: tactical squad (10marines, power fist, flamer, lascannon, razorback with twin-linked lascannon)
Warrior squad Gamma: tactical squad (10marines, power fist, flamer, plasmacannon, razorback with twin-linked lascannon)

Attack Bike Cronox: attack bike (multi-melta)
Attack Bike Helix (attack bike (multi-melta)

Havoc squad Kargara: 8 devastators (4missile launchers, combi-flamer, meltabombs, razorback with twin-linked lascannon)
The Annihilator: predator (twin-linked lascannon, lascannon side sponsons) 
Battle Altar: vindicator 

Deployment: Pitched Battle
Mission: 2 objectives; 1 in each deployment zone

The Iron Warriors, going first, deployed aggressively, counting on a devastating first turn. To everybody’s surprise, Master Belial (controlled by a mere human) chose to put his entire army in reserve. Then he seized the initiative, robbing the Iron Warrior’s advantage.

Note that every Space Marine squad of 10 models split into 2 combat squads. These will be named Alpha(1) and Alpha (2), for example. Alpha(1) being armed with the lascannon, Alpha(2) with the special weapon and power fist. 

Turn 1 Dark Angels

The Dark Angels’ side of the battlefield remained eerily silent, as no units were present.

Turn 1 Iron Warriors

Being ready for any enemy unit to present itself, the Iron Warriors held their positions.

To make things clear, this is how the squads deployed (picture bottom à up): Havoc squad Kargara with their empty razorback, razorback Alpha with squad Alpha(2), squad Alpha(1) and Beta(1) in the centre, with their razorbacks behind them. Inside the vihicles are squad Beta(2) and Alpha(2). On the left side of the predator is squad Gamma(2) in their razorback and lastly, squad Gamma(1) is deployed behind the little forest.

The two attack bikes turbo boosted to gain a cover save against possible shots.

Turn 2 Dark Angels

Only Veteran Squad Vengeance and Belial’s First arrived this turn. The veterans used their rhino’s full potential and moved 12”, popping their smoke launchers. The terminator squad used deep strike to arrive and ran to hide behind a small wood, squad Gamma(1) on the other side. 

Turn 2 Iron Warriors

The entire army responded against their biggest threat: a terminator squad just inches away from the battle line.

Both attack bikes moved closer to the terminators, but only one multi-melta managed to vaporise a terminator, the other melta-shot missed. The terminator saved the puny bolter hits.

The predator pivoted on the spot and aimed for the terminators but all its hits were harmlessly deflected on the force fields of the storm shields.

Razorback Gamma and razorback Beta moved closer to Veteran Squad Vengeance and Belial’s First, hoping to drop their cargo later on. They both took a shot at the terminators, but one lascannon wound was saved, the other failed to wound. Razorback Alpha remained where it was. Its wound caused on the terminators was saved as well – those terminators with their storm shields are one tough nut to crack!

The Battle Altar, having the perfect tool to blast Space Marines to smithereens moved forward 12” and used its smoke launchers. The razorback of the Havocs fired it’s lascannon at Belial’s First, but could not wound any of the terminators.

Squad Gamma(1) moved around the little forest and trained their bolters on full auto on the terminators. The 4 wounds they caused were saved by the tactical dreadnought armour.

Having seen enough, squad Beta(1) with their plasma cannon managed to wound Master Belial himself! Belial gained another wound from a simple storm bolter shot from Dreadnought Forrix which appeared behind his squad by drop-pod.

Squad 1(1) used their lascannon to destroy the storm bolter on the rhino of Veteran Squad Vengeance, not the result the Iron Warriors were hoping for! 

Turn 3 Dark Angels

Getting the right directions from Master Belial himself, almost the entire Dark Angel army moved on the table. The only unit missing was Deathwing Squad Obdurate. Veteran squad Vengeance inside their rhino moved forward 12” again. The other Veteran Squad, Retribution was needed at the forefront of the battle and used their razorback to move 12”. Fearing enemy heavy weapons, the razorback used smoke launchers for a cover safe.

Tactical Squad Zamael, left on the battlefield, used their razorback to shake the crew of razorback Beta. Tactical squad Boreas was split in two: one combat squad, given a missile launcher, safeguarding the objective, whilst the other part remained in their razorback at the right side of the battle. Squad Boreas also received the help of Venrable Brother Abdaziel, encased in his suit of dreadnought armour. (note that the dreadnought is not in the picture yet) The dreadnought tried to cripple the vindicator, but failed. The razorback of squad Boreas was more lucky and destroyed the razorback of Havoc squad Kargara.

Master Belial and his loyal bodyguard moved towards squad Gamma(1). The cyclone missile launcher managed to kill one space marine. The remaining 4 warriors received a devastating charge. Belial alone killed 3 of their men. The last member tried to retaliate but was quickly clobbered to death by thunderhammers. SPLAT! The terminators advanced 3”. 

Turn 3 Iron Warriors

The Iron Warrior’s main priority was to halt the terminator squad. One attack bike moved towards the terminators. His multi-melta and bolters failed to wound the squad, however.

Dreadnought Forrix advanced on the rhino, ready to melt the armour around the veterans. Squad Gamma(2) disembarked from their razorback. Razorback Gamma and the vindicator both moved 6” for a better line of sight. The other attack bike moved forward and tried to halt squad Retribution, but the smokescreen proved to be effective. Sensing he was needed in combat, technomancer Kheldor used razorback Beta and squad Beta(2) inside to move 12” forward. To protect his vehicle, he ordered the crew to use smokelaunchers.

Although the vindicator had moved forward, it fell half an inch short to shoot at dreadnought Abdaziel! The havocs used their missile launchers on the razorback of squad Boreas, but every hit was deflected by a forest which the vehicle was standing behind.

Razorback Gamma proved to be more effective and stunned squad Boreas’ razorback.

The Annihilator shot it’s three lascannons at the terminators, but once again the stormshield proved their worth. Squad Alpha(1) aimed for the razorback that moved 12”, but their shot was saved thanks to the smoke launchers.

As for the terminators of Belial: first one brother died from a plasma cannon shot from squad Beta(1). They simply aimed for the big banner!

Squad Gamma(2) gave everything they had to halt the terminators. And they were later named heroes: their flamer and bolter shots were good for 6 armour saves. Only one terminator died, but more importantly, they managed to shoot Belial down! The Dark Angels are now leaderless. Their razorback also killed another terminator. Dreadnought Forrix shot the rhino it advanced on to pieces, the armour melting around the veterans. Ready to receive the charge, squad Vengeance used their side door to disembark. The squad deflected a storm bolter shot from the Forrix’ drop pod. In close combat, the Dreadnought wounded one marine, but he used his stormshield to parry. Not the first time in this battle! The veterans armed with power fists penetrated the armour of the dreadnought and shook the venerable marine inside.

Turn 4 Dark Angels

Having lost contact with their lord, the last terminator squad failed to arrive this turn. Veteran squad retribution moved 6” and disembarked from their razorback. The venerable dreadnought, eager to smite the enemies of the Chapter, moved an impressing 2” in difficult terrain. The last terminator of Belial’s squad moved closer to the numerous Iron Warrior vehicles. Which vehicle will he choose to destroy?

In the shooting phase dreadnought Abdaziel shot razorback Alpha, stunning its crew. The veterans saw a target in another razorback. Little did they know that this was the personal razorback of technomancer Kheldor! With their meltaguns they only managed to destroy the twin-linked lascannon. Tactical squad Boreas aimed their missile launcher at the drop pod, exploding it with a well aimed missile. Nobody was harmed in the explosion. Seeing an attack bike closing in, razorback Zamael shot it easily, vaporising bike and marine alike.

The personal standard bearer of Belial charged the predator, hitting it easily but only stunning the crew and destroying two of its lascannons. In the combat: veteran squad Vengeance vs Dreadnought: Forrix only caused one wound, but the hit was saved by a stormshield. The squad’s powerfist lived up to its name and managed to destroy the dreadnought, exploding in a shower of debris. Only one veteran was wounded, but his power armour saved him. The veterans advanced 4”.

Turn 4 Iron Warriors

The remaining attack bike saw an opportunity to harass the enemy from the flank and turbo-boosted behind a bush on the left side of the battlefield. Stunned, razorback Alpha fired its smoke launchers, hoping to survive turn 5. Razorback Gamma and the Battle Altar manoeuvred 6” each. Lastly, seeing a target for his wrath, technomancer Kheldor and squad Beta(2) disembarked and moved towards veteran squad Vengeance. Squad Gamma(2) moved closer to the last terminator.

Time to release the full arsenal of the Iron Warriors army! This was the crucial phase. The Vindicator shot squad Retribution in the centre of the table, wounding 3 veterans. Their stormshields once again saved 2 wounds, but the powerfist wielding veteran was blasted to a puddle of gore. Havoc squad Kargara trained their missile launchers on the razorback right in front of them, but the small forest seemed too dense and no missile hit the target. The Dark Angel army relied on saves: be it terminator armour, stormshield or even plants!

The lascannon of squad 1 aimed for dreadnought Abdaziel, immobilising the venerable warrior.

Trying to finish where the vindicator failed, squad Beta(1) shot veteran squad Retribution. The plasma cannon overheated, but the bolters managed to kill 2 marines: one armed with a power weapon, the other with a meltagun. Razorback Gamma tried to destroy Retribution’s razorback, but it only managed to destroy its weapon. The last terminator of Belial’s first was killed by pistol shots from squad Gamma(2). A sad end for a champion of the chapter.

Kheldor used his arcane powers to kill 2 veterans of squad Vengeance. His improvised bodyguard, squad Beta(2) failed to wound with their pistols.

In their charge, Kheldor killed 1 veteran, the power fist of the squad killed another veteran. The veterans reacted and only killed one Iron Warrior space marine. Bold as they are, the veteran’s passed their Ld-test.

Turn 5 Dark Angels
At last the last terminators arrived, deep striking where it mattered: right in front of the Iron Warrior’s battleline. Veteran squad Retribution embarked their crippled razorback and moved forward to join the terminators. Squad Zamael ordered their razorback 6” forward, training its twin-linked lascannon on the vindicator, but failed to penetrate its thick armour. The other surviving razorback also missed miserably. Squad Boreas shot a missile at the attack bike, but missed. Lastly, Dreadnought Abdaziel targeted the Vindicator again, but his hits were saved by a piece of terrain.

It was a very ineffective shooting phase!

An exciting close combat took place though: Kheldor killed one veteran of squad Vengeance. His squad failed to hit, even the power fist only hit thin air! The veterans on the other hand managed to kill 2 marines of squad Beta(2). But Kheldor’s leadership was sufficient to keep his ranks steady. 

Turn 5 Iron Warriors

Razorback Alpha manoeuvred closer to the terminators of squad Obdurate, also releasing squad Alpha(2). Squad Gamma(2) also closed in on the terminators, being experts at killing terminators, as they could prove earlier. Technomancer Kheldor voxed his razorback closer 12”. The Battle Altar moved a few inches to get a clearer shot.

Razorback Alpha shot his counterpart and destroyed the twin linked lascannon of squad Boreas’ vehicle. His previous passengers shot the terminators, but their blessed armour saved the 4 wounds. With the new threat right in front of them, the lascannon of squad Alpha(1) succeeded in killing one of their enemy. Squad Beta(1), next to squad Alpha(1) tried to do the same. Sadly the plasma cannon overheated, killing the warrior wielding it. Squad Gamma(2) proved once again to be experts at killing terminators with simple bolters: they shot 2 of Squad Obdurate’s numbers.

The attack bike, which had moved 12”, tried to shoot the last operational razorback, but the bikers missed. In the same streak of bad luck the vindicator shot the dreadnought, but it scattered off harmlessly. Razorback Gamma and the Annihilator fired at the terminator squad, the first vehicle failed to wound and the latter missed.

Time for new dice!

The last squad to fire were the Havocs, their missiles killed 1 terminator. Only 1 terminator left!

In close combat, Kheldor easily finished the last veteran, he and his squad advanced 5”. 

Turn 6 Dark Angels

The only member of the Dark Angel army to actually hit and wound this turn was Dreadnought Abdaziel, he shot squad Alpha(2), killing 2 members. They failed their Ld test and fled 3”. The vindicator also lost its demolisher cannon from a lascannon shot from squad Zamael’s razorback.

Squad Retribution disembarked their razorback and charged squad Alpha(1). They killed one marine, but the squad passed its test.

The last terminator charged squad Beta(1), killing one marine. They fail their test and flee off the table!

Squad Zamael had disembarked from their vehicle in the movement phase and charged the attack bike, failing to wound it. The bikers hit back, killing one Dark Angel. Their test was passed. 

Turn 6 Iron Warriors

Squad Alpha(2) fled another 8”, they were too close to an enemy unit to regroup. Squad Gamma(2) advanced once again on a last member of a terminator squad. Razorback Beta moved to block line of sight of an enemy razorback. Squad Gamma(2) with their technomancer closed in on squad Zamael, hoping to liberate their biker brothers.

Squad Gamma(2) managed to kill the last terminator, truly these warriors are blessed by their dark gods. The predator, together with razorback Alpha and Gamma were needed to finally destroy the razorback of veteran squad Retribution. The devastators aimed for dreadnought Abdaziel, but they failed to penetrate his armour.

In close combat technomancer Kheldor, with his dark powers (Might of ancients), and his squad easily killed the members of squad Zamael.

The veterans of squad Retribution killed one enemy marine, but the squad passed their test.

They are now standing firmly on the Iron Warriors’ objective! 


‘1’ showed up on the dice, no turn 7 was played.

Battle ends! A victory for the Dark Angels: their veterans contested the Iron Warriors’ objective, squad Boreas claimed the Dark Angels’ objective.

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